How our website calculates your shipping rate.

Shipping Information

How our website calculates your shipping rate.

If all items in your Cart  list can be shipped via UPS, then that will be the rate displayed. If any item must be delivered by truck, then the shipping method for entire Cart list will be calculated as Common Carrier using the current rates for FedEx Freight.

Many times an order will contain quantities of items that may be shipped via UPS, and others must be shipped by common carrier. We ship the smaller items on the same truck to reduce the cost of shipping. The inclusion of the smaller items often have little affect on common carrier shipping costs.

Examples of the types of items that must be shipped via Common Carrier are, Vigas, Latillas, Rough Timbers, Kiva Fireplace Kits & Fireboxes, and Kiva Ladders 8' and above.

Large or Heavy Shipments

We can often save you our customer's money by using independent truckers and smaller trucking companies. This is especially true when your order is large enough to fill the entire truck. For large shipments this can lower the shipping costs considerably. We recommend you submit your Cart list as a Proposal Request. This will allow our team to offer you with lower cost shipping alternatives when available without obligating you to any purchase.

Shipping Methods

Important: Please include the address where your order will be shipped on any proposal or purchase requests. That information is vital in order to accurately calculate shipping.


This method is most economical. If items are within UPS weight/size limits, they will be shipped via this method.

FedEx Freight

Shipping by FedEx Freight is used when shipping items that are large and/or heavy.  Charges for FedEx Freight shipments vary depending on destination, weight, and type of products shipped. This method becomes more cost-effective as the size of the order increases.  For very large orders we can often lower the cost of shipping by contracting a truck to deliver the entire order.

Independent Trucking Companies

Often we can lower the cost of shipping large orders by hiring an independent carrier to deliver an order when it fills all or most of the truck. We always pass this savings onto our customers.  Independent Truckers and Carriers establish their own rates for delivery, and our shipping team selects the best carrier on the basis of service, price, and availability.

Will Call:

If you wish, you may pick up your Fireplace or Timber/Viga order by pre-arranged appointment.

Shipping Terms

Important: Freight companies charge a fee for any order shipped C.O.D., and Southwestbuildingsupply has no control over this collection. Products are sold as Freight On Board (F.O.B.) and shipped as a convenience to our customer. Products become the property of the customer when they are loaded and leave our facilities in Rio Rancho, NM. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to report claims for damage to the carrier. Shipping and crating charges are not included in product warranties.

Shipping Damage

Inspect the shipment before signing the delivery receipt. If damage or missing products are apparent when you receive your shipment, please note it on the delivery receipt. Have the delivery driver sign the receipt and verify that there is damage and/or shortage. Save the damaged package or carton for inspection. It is the buyer's responsibility to check the order received for damage, shortages,  and file a compensation claim against the carrier when damage is detected.

Open all packages immediately. Inspect merchandise to see if it is in good condition. If concealed damage (damage to materials inside a package with no external damage evident) is exposed, notify the carrier. Carriers must be notified within 10 days, or they may deny liability.

Check your merchandise against the packing slip. If any shortage exists, or if there are any other problems with your order, notify us immediately.

The buyer owns the goods in transit and therefore is responsible for filing claims against carriers should the need arise. All shipments are accepted by carriers clear of exceptions upon leaving